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“The International Business Liaison and Economic Development Group”



 “The International Business Liaison and Economic Development Group” 

Global Trades & Consulting Group, Inc (GTCGI) has grown into a major advisory and consulting organization that serves governments and the private sector worldwide. The main activities of GTCGI involved Project’s Management, Development and Marketing from selection and transfer of technology to implementation of projects, and Financing. Complete line of funding capabilities for trade, industrial development, infrastructure and government financing.

Company has built relation with private investors, investment banking firms, industrial, construction companies, banking institutions and investment trusts. GTCGI caters to large economic development projects both in the Private and Public sectors.  

Beside its access to very substantial financial resources, GTCGI offers unique projects implementation and management capabilities. Large engineering and construction teams operate throughout the emerging economies of the World, with full technical and trans-cultural expertise. From infrastructure projects to communications, from the development of banks to technology transfer in health care delivery and whether funding a Government or commercializing natural resources, the GTCGI Group has the expertise to handle critical projects efficiently and cost effectively.

GTCGI comprises a professional team of financial and management consultants who advise its clients in critical areas of private and public sector operations. As advisors to principals. The client relationships of GTCGI are held in extreme confidence and its many year’s practice is a stellar record of impeccable performance. Its clients pay all fees and, thus, GTCGI maintains total independence from financial institutions and other agencies outside the client organization.

Sources for project funding are sought from among the top USA, Canada, European & Middle Eastern Banks and Trusts. Company also maintains close contacts with leading commercial banks and investment trusts around the World. GTCGI is not a funding source, per se, but introduces its clients to strong and reliable institutions.

Meticulous attention to detail, strictly confidential handling of projects and the bet professional talent characterize the Company advisory services. Through strategic alliances with major service organizations, institutions and professionals around the World. Company has the collective capacity and expertise to serve the most demanding of international development projects